Chellie’s message to supporters about pending Kavanaugh confirmation

The Senate is poised to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court tomorrow. I’m feeling so many emotions right now, and it’s tough to sort them out.

I’m enraged. I’m deeply sad.

But most of all, I’m completely heartbroken for the millions of sexual assault survivors across the country who have watched this painful charade play out before them — only now to find out that their voices, like the women who were victimized by Brett Kavanaugh, have been silenced.

Despite the threats to her life and with absolutely nothing to gain, except for her true sense of duty to her country, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford endured what no woman should. But she came forward. She truthfully, completely, and bravely told her story. But she, like many women before, didn’t get the justice she deserved.

But Mark, this isn’t over, and we can’t let this defeat get the better of us — because if we do, this will just happen again. That’s not why we fight for what’s right and just in America.

And I’m certainly not giving up on the men and women who have survived trauma like this, only to see our government let them down and reward their attackers.

That’s why the election this November is so important.

If we want to prevent this from ever happening again, we need to vote for candidates who will stand up for women, candidates who will be their champions and who will believe them.

If you’re outraged, or sad, or heartbroken like me — I urge you, when you’ve got it in you, to direct that energy into helping us ensure this midterm election ends up like no other we’ve ever seen.

Up and down the ballot, there are strong, Democratic candidates who will stand with women, always. Full stop.

Make sure you’re registered. Make sure you vote.

This isn’t the end of our fight. This is just the beginning.


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