Pingree Pledges to Continue Fighting for Maine in Congress

Tonight, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree was re-elected to the U.S. Congress for a sixth term. She won in a race among three candidates, which, for the first time in a federal general election, was decided using Ranked Choice Voting.

Congresswoman Pingree, reacting to the news that she had been re-elected to a sixth term in the U.S. Congress, released the following statement:

“I’m so honored and grateful that the people of Maine’s first congressional district have given me the opportunity to continue representing them in Congress. During this campaign, I’ve heard time and again what really matters to the people of our state – access to quality affordable healthcare; protecting Social Security and Medicare from cuts; ensuring the economy works for everyone; and tackling the opioid crisis – and I pledge to keep fighting every day for our shared Maine values.”

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